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Diese Seite "Call for Entries" wird selten gepflegt,
da wir nur Angebote einstellen, die uns zugeschickt werden:

watch and search the web for :
Sheffield International Artist's Book Prize
Dutch Doc Award
ILDE Barcelona
Intaglio Printmaker Prize,
KALEID, London
Jerwood Drawing Prize
Birgit Skïold Memorial Trust Prize for Excellence
(Arthur Boskamp-Stiftung (not specipically for artsts'books))
Die schönsten Bücher Deutschlands - Stiftung Buchkunst (for commercial books)

research scolarship studies:
Jan van Eyck Akademie


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- 2016



4th migrant EIBAB


Destiny and Inner Space


The 4th migrant EIBAB
(European International Book Art Biennale) will take place in November 2016 in Goa, India

Organisers of the EIBAB: Inspire Trust Goa India + D. Fleiss & East West Artists e. V. Stuttgart Germany

Author and curator of the 4th European International BOOK ART BIENNALE:
Dorothea Fleiss
Email: eibab@web.de
in collaboration with curator : Yolanda de Souza
Email: yolandasousa@gmail.com


1. Any book artist from any country can take part in the competition.
2. Up to two artist's books can be submitted by one author/artist or a team. The books should be completed within last two years (2015-2016) in any technique and belong to the author/artist, art gallery or press.
Deadline for the Pre-Selection is 15th august 2016.

3. Please emailing your digital application (Images of works, CV/Bio and description of works) to
Pre-selection will be undertaken by the international jury selected by the organisers, they will review the submissions and choose the works for the EIBAB.
Notification of their decision will be answered by email till 1st September 2016.
All entrans will be notified of the outcome of the pre-selection process by E-mail.
Please note, digital and supporting material will not be returned.
Decisions of the jury can not be appealed.

4. The selected works should be arrive no later than November 1st, 2016 to:
Yolanda's Studio
Castelo Vermelhho 1/115A
Gauravaddo(east) Calangute Goa India
Yolanda de Sousa Kammermeier
Email: yolandasousa@gmail.com
Phone: +91 9822160073
Deadline: The Works must arrive by 1st NOVEMBER in GOA India.

5.There are no limitations regarding technique and form, however in case of very complex and unusual works due to material, size or construction the artist is kindly requested to contact the organisers.A submitted work may not be accepted for the following reasons:
Technical difficulties involved exhibiting it.
It may be considered to have possible harmful effects on the audience.
6. As for the texts not written by the artist we ask to obey the general rules of copyright. The name of a writer (and a translator), the title (and the original title), name of a publisher and year of publishing should be given.

7. The exhibition openning of EIBAB will be on 20th november 2016
Exhibition Venue: Kala Academy's Art Gallery Campal Panjim Goa India
during the IFFI International Film Festival Goa

7. The prizes will be awarded by the Jury.

8. The costs of sending/ shipping the books are on the artist.
Please write the value for the customs max. 30 EUR / 30 USD or the text
The organisers are not responsible of any damages caused by the conditions of transportation or careless packing by the artist.
The bookart should have labels with artist's name, title, size, material and notice "European Book Art Biennale, Goa India 2016".


10. The participants agree that images of their works may be used for the promotion and printed catalogue of the European International Book Art Biennale.

11. Pictures of works and any other documents attached to the entry form will be kept in the competition archives and not returned to the artist.
Artists choose to donate their work itself to the Inspired Trust Fondation. The awarded works to the Biennale Collection. Work will be not returned. All participant artists will receive per post one catalogue oft the EIBAB 2016.



June 17 - July 24 2016



USA - Sebastopol (CA)

Sebastopol Center for the Arts
282 S. High Street
Sebastopol, CA 95472
(NW from San Francisco)



The first deadline for "The Art of the Book" on May 16 is really close. Don't miss it please!

Deadline for submissions: May 16, 2016 3-6 pm
Juried by Betsy Davids
(Professor Emeritus, Printmaking - Professor Emeritus, Writing - BA, MA, University of California, Berkeley. Owner, Rebis Press, Berkeley)

This show features Book Art, the book is the point of departure.

Handmade artist's books, using traditional bookmaking method.

Work showing excellence in bookmaking or altering books.
Book-like objects or sculptures

Homage to the book
Awards: Best of Show ($200) , 3 Merit Awards and Coordinator Award ($50).
This year Special Student Prize: $100 for 1 best work of artist studying book arts in 2015-2016

- To enter online,
go to Entrythingy.com or click HERE to enter any time prior to May 16.

- Prospectus HERE



- 2015



Le Prix SOON & R.L.D. Éditions



Le Salon SOON PARIS et les Éditions R.L.D., imprimeur et éditeur d'art depuis 1973, mettent en valeur et soutiennent le travail d'artistes contemporains européens.

Ce prix a pour but de favoriser la place de l'estampe dans le monde de l'art et de permettre aux artistes d'expérimenter ou de poursuivre leur travail de création autour de l'oeuvre multiple sur papier.

Une commission, composée de trois membres de la maison d'édition : la directrice, Corinne Dutrou, le chef d'atelier, Christian Mameron, et le directeur de collection, Sébastien Desplat, ainsi que les membres de direction de SOON PARIS et de trois membres choisis en raison de leur compétence et de leur intérêt pour l'art contemporain et l'édition, sélectionneront les candidats.

L'annonce du lauréat aura lieu le jeudi 10 décembre 2015 à l'occasion du vernissage du Salon.


Application Form



5th Sheffield International Artist's Book Prize

UK - Sheffield

Closing date for digital submissions: 31st May 2015



We are now accepting submissions for the 5th Sheffield International Artist's Book Prize. As a change to the submission process this year, we are only accepting submissions made digitally through CuratorSpace. We will ask you to forward your book once it has been accepted and we have all the information we require.

Terms and Conditions
Closing date for digital submissions: 31st May 2015

Final date for receipt of books: 30th June 2015

Exhibition dates: 7th October – 31st October, 2015

The Sheffield International Artist's Book Prize and Exhibition is open to makers of artists' books in any format and from anywhere in the world. We have no desire to engage in discussion about what constitutes an artist's book beyond clarifying that the prize is not concerned with books about art or artists, but books as art.
This year's prize is supported using public funding from Arts Council England.
- The prize is OPEN TO ALL and FREE TO ENTER.
- ALL BOOKS selected for the Prize will feature in the exhibition.
- PRIZE MONEY of £1000 (US$1500) will be awarded in 2015 and there will be up to ten Prize winners.


Application Form



- 2014



KALEID 2014 London

You can find out more about the KALEID 2014
> kaleideditions.com




Closing date for entries:
The deadline for purchasing and submitting your entries, including digital images by email is midnight on Sunday 4th May, 2014.

Exhibition date : Saturday 19th July 2014

KALEID editions invites submissions from European based artists who do books for a curated exhibition and assembly of book stands to be held in London on Saturday 19th July 2014.

The major event focuses on the form of the book as an interdisciplinary activity, combining visual arts with traditional book arts, contemporary ideas and new technology. Artists practicing in different disciplines are encouraged to apply; drawing, printmaking, art writing, photography, painting, sculpture, book arts, video, digital media, installation, participatory and performance.

Selected galleries, independent publishers and artists' collectives will run an assembly of book stands on the ground floor. A curated group exhibition will showcase the best European based artists' books on the first floor. A presentation of KALEID editions' artist's book commission will take place on the top floor, seating seventy people during the private event. Entrance to the exhibition and book stands is free during the public event.

Hosted by The Art Academy in London Bridge, close to the Tate Modern, Jerwood Space and White Cube Bermondsey. KALEID editions annually represents artists' books at The London Art Book Fair and tours international public collections.

> Call for Submissions- link





- 2013



Sheffield International Artist's Book Prize 2013

You can find out more about the Prize at
> artistsbookprize.co.uk/


4th Sheffield International Artist's Book Prize



Closing date for entries: 31st July 2013
Exhibition dates: 5th October - 30th November, 2013

The Sheffield International Artist's Book Prize and Exhibition is open to makers of artists'
books in any format and from anywhere in the world. This year's prize is supported using
public funding by Arts Council England and sponsored by the Open College of the Arts.
• The prize is FREE TO ENTER.
• ALL BOOKS submitted for the Prize will feature in the Exhibition.
• PRIZE MONEY of £2000 (US$3000) will be awarded in 2013 and there will be a
minimum of four Prize winners

No Entry fee.

> Call for Submissions- pdf





MCBA Prize 2013

Minnesota Center for Bookarts
You can find out more about the Prize at
> MCBAPRIZE more infos

Entries must be received no later than April 30, 2013
at 5:00pm (Central U.S. time zone). All submissions must be made electronically.


> MCBAPRIZE more infos

Entry fee: USD 40.00


Jan van Eyck Akademie

Jan van Eyck Academie
Academieplein 1
6211 KM Maastricht

t. +31 (0)43 350 37 37
f. +31 (0)43 350 37 99


Vergibt Forschungs-Stipendien


Arthur Boskamp-Stiftung


Die Arthur Boskamp-Stiftung vergibt jährlich zwei Förderpreise, die mit je 2000,- Euro dotiert. Nicht Künstlerbuchspezifisch


Die Schönsten Bücher Deutschlands

> Sitftung Buchkunst

Die Stiftung Buchkust hat ihr Interesse auf rein kommerziell hergestellte Bücher verlegt (Nach 2012)
Bis dahin wurden immer wieder auch Künstlerbücher prämiert oder erhielten Preise

Der Name Stiftung Buchkunst ist somit hinfällig und wir unterstützen oder empfehlen diese Organisation jetzt nicht mehr.
- kuenstlerbuecher.com 2013

Entry Form 2013


- 2012





West Virginia University

Artists Image Resource National Juried Exhibition

Apply Fall 2012


- 2011 / 2012



Concorso Wettbewerb

6th International Artist's Book Triennial Vilnius 2012


New Deadline :
9 December 2011



Time and place:
2012 February, "Scuola Internazionale di Grafica", Venice, Italy;

2012 March 15th-18th, Leipzig Book Fair, Germany;

2012 April, Gallery "Titanikas", Vilnius, Lithuania;

2012 September 22th - October 22th, Kloster Bentlage, Rheine, Germany;

Also we plane to show Triennial:
2012-2013 in France, in Bangladesh, in China.

Curator: Kestutis Vasiliunas;
E-mail: vasiliunas@bookart.lt
Tel. +370 5 2154796 in Vilnius, Lithuania; mob. tel. +370 656 05379;


International jury:
Joseph Johannes Visser, NL;
Hanne Matthiesen, Denmark;
Deirdre Kelly, Italy / U.K.;
Kestutis Vasiliunas, Lithuania.

Call for Entries for the participation in the 6th International Artist's Book Triennial Vilnius 2012.

Exhibition theme: "Love";

"If I speak in the tongues of mortals and of angels, but do not have love, I am a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal. And if I have prophetic powers, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing. If I give away all my possessions, and if I hand over my body so that I may boast, but do not have love, I gain nothing." 1Cor 13,1-3.
"Love is an emotion of strong affection and personal attachment. In philosophical context, love is a virtue representing all of human kindness, compassion, and affection. Love may also be described as actions towards others (or oneself) based on compassion, or as actions towards others based on affection." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Love

We are looking your interpretation of the theme of Love.

Deadline: 15th of November 2011;
New Deadline: 9th of December, 2011.

International jury meeting:
9th-15th December 2011


The 1st International Artist's Book Triennial took part in 1997, in Gallery "Kaire Desine". The theme of it was "Diary: Eight Days". 65 artists from 13 countries took part in the Triennial.
The 2nd International Artist's Book Triennial took part in 2000, in Gallery "Arka" and in "Galerie 5020" in Salzburg. The theme of it was "Apocalypse". 138 artists from 29 countries took part in the Triennial.
The 3rd International Artist's Book Triennial took part in 2003, in the Contemporary Art Centre in Vilnius. The theme of it was "23 Sins". 118 artists from 37 countries took part in the Triennial. After the exhibition in Vilnius the Triennial was showed in 2004 in Frankfurt Art Fair in Frankfurt on Main, Germany; in 2004 in Thomas Mannas' House in Nida, Lithuania; in 2004 in Gallery "Le Carre" in Lille, France;
The 4th International Artist's Book Triennial took part in 2006, in the Gallery "Arka" in Vilnius. The theme of it was "Rabbit and House". 130 artists from 29 countries took part in the Triennial. After the exhibition in Vilnius the Triennial was showed in 2007 in Leipzig Book Fair in Leipzig, Germany and in Seoul International Book Arts Fair, South Korea.
The 5th International Artist's Book Triennial took part in 2009. The theme of it was "Text". For the Triennial jury selected 131 artists from 34 countries. The Triennial was showed in Leipzig Book Fair, in Germany; in Gallery "Arka", in Vilnius; in Art Centre Silkeborg Bad, in Silkeborg, Denmark; in "Hübner Bokform", in Halmstad, Sweden; in "Scuola Internazionale di Grafica", in Venice, Italy;

Curator: Kestutis Vasiliunas;
E-mail: vasiliunas@bookart.lt
Tel. +370 5 2154796 in Vilnius, Lithuania; mob. tel. +370 656 05379;

For more information and the ENTRY FORM, please visit our homepages:
vasiliunas.arts.lt/ ; http://vasiliunas.artistsbook.lt/ ; http:// artistsbook.lt/



I - Russi (RA)

for more information:

Fucina VACA
Via Dei Caduti per la libertà, 19
48026 RUSSI (RA)
mail: vaca@vaca.it • http://www.vaca.it


L'associazione culturale VACA vari cervelli associati e il Comune di Russi,
concorso e mostra per libri manufatti, mai editi né presentati in pubblico o recensiti.

Libri mai mai visti è - e vuole restare-, un gioco per persone intelligenti e creative.

- La partecipazione è gratuita.
· Possono partecipare tutti coloro che hanno compiuto il 16° anno d'età.
· Sono ammesse opere di singoli e collettive.
· Per manufatto s'intende un libro di forma e dimensione a piacere, eseguito con qualsiasi materiale, ed abbastanza robusto per poter essere maneggiato dal pubblico.
· Il testo di qualsiasi lunghezza, può essere inventato o già noto, d'autore antico o moderno.
· Le opere selezionate resteranno esposte a Russi, ex chiesina in Albis, Piazza Farini, da sabato 10 dicembre 2011 a venerdì 20 gennaio 2012.
· Essendo peculiarità irrinunciabile della mostra che il pubblico possa toccare, sfogliare e maneggiare le opere, non saranno ammesse quelle che presentino pericolosità per i visitatori, in particolare vetri, specchi, lame, ecc.
· È fatto obbligo allegare traduzione in italiano qualora l'opera presenti testi in lingua straniera.
· È necessario allegare al manufatto una richiesta di partecipazione firmata (per accettazione del regolamento in ogni sua parte), in caratteri ben leggibili, indicando: titolo dell'opera ed eventuale descrizione, nome e cognome del/i partecipante/i, indirizzo e recapito telefonico, e-mail (se possibile). I dati saranno tutelati a norma di legge.
· L'organizzazione declina ogni responsabilità per eventuali danni ai manufatti durante i lavori d'allestimento e smontaggio della mostra, nonché per quelli dovuti ad usura, incidente o furto durante l'esposizione al pubblico, garantendo comunque la massima attenzione e sorveglianza delle opere.
· L'organizzazione si riserva di utilizzare i manufatti e la loro riproduzione parziale o totale per tutto quanto possa promuovere l'iniziativa, inoltre si riserva di prendere decisioni inerenti la manifestazione anche fuori dal presente bando.

· L'organizzazione selezionerà le opere da esporre.
· Tutti i partecipanti riceveranno l'invito all'inaugurazione della mostra e all'assegnazione dei premi; vincitori, segnalati e ammessi alla mostra saranno preavvertiti.
· L'organizzazione non motiverà le scelte selettive in quanto si avvale di esperti nei quali ripone totale fiducia e dei quali non discute le decisioni.

· La giuria selezionatrice (la scorsa edizione composta da Francesca Falsetti, Ferruccio Giromini, Cesare Reggiani Andrea Rivola e Gianni Zauli), assegnerà i primi tre premi; gli altri premi e le menzioni saranno assegnati dall'associazione VACA.

- I premi saranno in libri illustrati antichi e/o moderni.
- 1° premio - valore circa euro 1.000
- 2° premio - valore circa euro 750
- 3° premio - valore circa euro 500
- premio VACA - premio"Qualità"
- premio "Stupor sensibile - premio "Arti e mestieri"
- premio "Genialità e simpatia"
- premio "Alvaro Becattini"
- premio "Bookbinding"
- eventuali premi ad hoc.
- I vincitori e segnalati sono invitati a lasciare le opere al Fondo Libri mai mai visti per ulteriori esposizioni.

SCADENZE / application deadline
· I manufatti devono esser inviati dal 15 al 30 settembre 2011 al seguente indirizzo: Fucina VACA Via Dei Caduti per la libertà, 19 - 48026 RUSSI (RA) - I .
· Le consegne di persona sono possibili nei giorni: venerdì e sabato dalle ore 15 alle 18, sempre allo stesso indirizzo.

· Si prega di non allegare cataloghi e curriculum.
· Non saranno date risposte telefoniche di nessun genere. Tutte le comunicazioni devono avvenire o via mail o per posta tradizionale all'indirizzo VACA dove è stato spedito il manufatto.


Artists' Books on Tour


MAK Austria Österreich, Wien
Stubenring 5
A-1010 Wien


Contest Call: > www.abot.mak.at

application deadline May, 2nd 2011

To create more public awareness for the book as an independent genre of art production, the EU-funded project "Artists' Books on Tour - Artist Competition and Mobile Museum" was launched in June 2010 by the MAK - Austrian Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art (Vienna) with the MGLC - International Centre of Graphic Arts (Ljubljana) and the UPM - Museum of Decorative Arts (Prague). The core activities of the project cover





6th International Artist's Book Triennial Vilnius 2012

 LT - Lituania
Curator: Kestutis Vasiliunas;
E-mail: vasiliunas@bookart.lt
Http://vasiliunas.arts.lt/ and http://artistsbook.lt/
Tel. +370 5 2154796 in Vilnius, Lithuania; mob. tel. +370 656 05379;


Contest Call: ENTRY FORM
Deadline: 15th of November 2011;

THE PROJECT : 6th International Artist's Book Triennial Vilnius 2012
Time and place:
2012 March, Leipzig Book Fair, Germany;
2012 April, Gallery "Titanikas", Vilnius, Lithuania;
2012 France;
2012 September, Kloster Bentlage, Rheine, Germany;
2012 October-November, in Bengladesh;
2013 China.




Jan van Eyck Akademie

 NL - Netherlands, Holland

Wettbewerbe zu Forschungsgsstipendien





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